About Pirosaw Solutions

Pirosaw Solutionsmpany About us

Pirosaw Solutions Ltd is a vibrant and dynamic company focusing most specifically on exports of agricultural products and related products from Nigeria to any where in the world. The company started off some years ago and within a very short time has gained customers confidence because of her ability to delight all her customers.

Pirosaw specialize in the importation of agricultural products from Nigeria to any part of the world. Pirosaw is involved in the importation of vehicles, computers and electrical appliances from Europe and USA to Nigeria, we have our warehouse at Alaba International. We also provide other numerous services such as Catering services, interior decoration, welding and fabircation, clearing and forwarding e.t.c

What we do?


Pirosaw farm is situated along Auchi and Benin Express Road in Edo State and we have link with the local farmers in other places in this country which gives us an edge above the other companies in the same business, our prices are reasonable and considerable and we deliver in time, customer satisfaction is our priority.


We have our warehouse at Alaba International Market where we sell what ever we import to Nigeria in whole sale basis. Whatever items you want to bring to the country, Pirosaw is ready to bring it for you at a reasonable price.

Website Design

We have a department that specialize in the designing of web site and we can design your web site at affordable cost. Please give us a call.